Low budget Spring Makeover of a dining room is fast and effective if white is your backdrop colour.

This option is ideal for rental properties where can’t redecorate the whole room but at low cost you can have a dining room makeover just by injecting some colour with few accessories and elements.

White backdrop/ base colour scheme is also ideal for any home where you like seasonal changes, and diversity of colours and decorations changing according to your mood and liking.


Few good reasons why to chose white dinning table:

  • It is versatile when matched with wide variety of styles and colour arrangements
  • Low cost makeover when it comes to giving an old dining table a facelift with a lick of paint  or building entirely new table from scratch (with table legs prices starting around £2.50 and table tops around £15 at Ikea not to mention upcycling some old wood into one)
  • White dining table will also tight in together selection of odd chairs of different styles and colours.

spring table

Here you have an example of 3 different chairs and a double seat bench which were painted blue, lilac and white and accessorised with some seat cushions for comfort.

It’s easy to change decoration accordingly to season or occasion of a simple metal chandelier as it’s been done here – simple draping of some fresh or faux ivy and hanging heart decoration really sets off the light as a centre piece above the table.

Simple colour table cloth looks great with mismatched crockery which is within similar colour pallet. Add some flowers,napkins and here you have a lovely and colourful Spring dining table arrangement.


Here are few other Spring makeover ideas for easy & quick injection of colour into white backdrop dining room:

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