Pallet upcycle project for under £2

This upcycle project will cost you just under £2 ! ?

One of our readers asked how she could revamp her bedroom in a rented flat where she can’t paint the walls and she doesn’t want to spend money on new furniture but she wants to add some colour and quickness to her bedroom… We think that this upcycle project answers the brief quite well.

Did you know that you can get a wooden pallet for free from most of your local corner shops? You just need to ask. We found just 2 shops down our street that offered us an old pallet from their delivery for free. You can also ask bigger stores or you might already have one kept aside in your shed for a project like this. It’s also worth asking around if you have neighbours refurbishing a house or a builders working on a house nearby. Getting an old wooden pallet is easier than you think and free ?

You don’t need to spend much to get paint either and you can get any colour that you like! Just head to a DIY store where they sell paint – jars of sample paint will cost anything between £1 and £2. Most of sample paint jars already have a little brush inside attached to the lid.
Paint your pallet with rough stokes of the brush. Use quite dry strokes of the brush and layer them up for a rustic effect as on the picture. Teal or aqua Blue looks fantastic on a rough wood, but choose the colour that you like and which would look good with the wood colour of your pallet.
We found that you can get this paint effect on 2-3 pallets using only 1 jar of sample paint. Alternatively you can use leftovers for making matching canvas (as on the picture) or for painting furniture… Like, share and follow us on facebook for more tips and ideas for upcycling and furniture painting techniques using sample jar paint for under £2 ? more ideas and tips coming up soon


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