Hello, my name is Marta Hutt and I’m the creator of Lush Eclectic Design & Lifestyle.

I’m guessing that if you clicked on here, you would like to find out a little bit about me and what this page is all about. You’ve probably already noticed that Interior Design is one of my obsessions. I often describe myself as a thrifty DIYer and a girly girl with a hands-on approach to house renovation. My style is eclectic where I like to mix old and new, glam, rustic, vintage and upcycled pieces creating lush interiors on a budget.

About blog

This website is a reflection of my passion and interests. This is the place where I can channel my ideas and designs (you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see more).

I love being creative when it comes to exploring design topics, upcycling furniture or transforming the space around me. Currently my biggest project is a Victorian house renovation which so far had its challenges but I’m over the moon and very excited about the things yet to come.

Despite having spent years working around designer furniture and luxury retail, I do believe that you can have a stylish and amazing home on a shoe-string budget with a little help using  thrifty flare, creativity and resourcefulness.

I like writing about interior design and seeing various DIY projects coming to life.

Cooking is another passion of mine so you will see some recipes flying around here as well.

About me

I’m a wife and a mum, living in Somerset, UK. It is here where I found our dream Victorian house by the sea. In winter 2016 we took a big leap leaving our London / Cambridge life behind, selling our house and buying one by the sea. It was a big decision leaving everything behind and quitting our jobs to have a slower pace, family focused lifestyle.

I’ve studied at The Regent Academy of Fine Arts and KLC School of Design in London. Having a great work opportunity come up when I was in my early 20’s I took my career down another, not exactly creative path and I’ve dedicated over 10 years of my career working in London between the designer furniture industry and luxury retail where I’ve learned so much across various areas of the industries. That’s where I’ve grown as a person and I’m grateful for the fantastic career, exposure and experience that I’ve gained and fab people that I’ve met along the way. After over a decade of building up my career, after becoming a new mum I felt it was a time to move on.

About my art

I’ve recently re-discovered an old passion of mine and picked up drawing again after over a decade. With great response, support and encouragement which I’ve received form the lovely Instagram community as well as people around me, I’ve decided to share my love for art and that’s how I’ve started www.art.lusheclectic.com – an online gallery and shop with my art prints.

For enquiries, commissions and collaborations please contact me here or you can DM me on Instagram.