Lush Eclectic is expanding… and as my main focus recently has been revolving around the gallery and online shop, I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some wonderfully creative and talented people…

Please welcome Melanie who will be writing for  the FOOD and LIFESTYLE section on our blog.

My name is Mel. I am a mother of five adorable children, a full time psychiatric nurse and prescriber, a wife of a very patient and loving man, a loyal friend to beautiful people and a firm believer in the medicinal powers of wholesome, nutrient-enriched food.

Two years ago, after much deliberation, we relocated to the country in the hope in living an idyllic lifestyle. In the words of John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” – which is so true. Once settled I endeavoured to ‘stand still’ and take a good look at the world that surrounded me: the countryside, the colours, the smells and above all, the people.

I have utilised a number of recipes that capture the essence of earthy, accessible eating. Over the course of time, and with your invaluable feedback, I will capture and cultivate a culinary field of healthy splendour for you to devour. I invite you to join me on a cultural food experience that incorporates all my passions: words that beckon emotion, colour that inspires and food that heals.

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