Eclectic Style in Interior Design


Eclectic style is a mix of all different home designs where you mix old and new, glam & rustic, laud and understated. This style floats between all other styles merging and matching various designs and objects, sourcing ideas from different periods. Eclectic scheme is one of my favourites where you can truly express your personality and your own style. I love the mix of antique crystal chandeliers with contemporary pieces, designer classics, old objects that have history and upcycled pieces. I love the freedom of composing cohesive design with interesting fabrics, weathered textures and bold wallpapers contrasting with backdrop colours. As much as you have a liberty of expression of in eclectic style, you need to be careful not to cross the fade line between stylish & chaotic.

To embrace this style choose few main pieces: it could be an old dining table with miss-matched colourful chairs, an old trunk, an old baroque gold framed mirror, contemporary chaise longue and old upcycled chest of drawers. Add colours – look at the contrasts, feature wallpaper or fabric, add artwork and lighting. Play around and display your collections or precious objects.

Take a look at some of my favourite examples of Eclectic Style in home design:


Eclectic Living Room
A colourful London home
Toronto Loft - My Place
Dining Room
Charmean Neithart Interiors
My Houzz: Meaghan and Trevor: Welland, ON
Boho treetop house

3 thoughts on “Eclectic Style in Interior Design

  1. Well written. You captured the essence of Eclectic Style perfectly in your words. Great article! Looking forward to see some more posts about other styles. Hope you will cover Victorian style as well!

    1. I love Victorian style and I’m planning to cover this perticular style with a little makeover that I’ve been working on for a while… stay tunned! 🙂

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