Flaxseed Pudding – nutritious alternative for your breakfast or dessert

Full of nutrition, high in fiber, protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids, flaxseeds are definitely worth to be added to your everyday diet.

Those little seeds of goodness are great for your metabolism and healthy digestive system, weight loss, healthy skin and hair.

While everyone has been raving for a while now about chia seeds pudding I would like to invite you to try this alternative which has similar nutritional value but it’s over half or even a third of the price of chia seeds…

Here is a tried, tested, easy and fast recipe which I’ve worked on this week to get the perfect balance of high nutrition, delicious taste, filling and healthy pudding which is ideal as a light breakfast or a dessert.


Strawberry, mango or coconut? Which flavour would you like?

The base of the pudding

Flaxseeds (half cup)

Soya, hazelnut or almond milk (1 cup)

Coconut milk (half cup)

Coconut oil (2 t spoons)

Stevia sweetener (3 t spoons)

Optional – vanilla extract (1 t spoon)

  1. Add ground flaxseeds to a small pot, add soya milk, coconut milk and oil, stevia sweetener and vanilla extract. (I use a coffee grinder for grinding flaxseeds. You can get a good one for as less as 15GBP if you haven’t got one already)

  1. Bring to boil while stirring and cook for about 3 minutes on a low heat. Mix constantly so the pudding doesn’t burn. You will notice how quickly the mixture gets the custard like thickness.
  2. Set aside to cool a little and pour into 3 glasses.


Flavour toppings

Mango – top with fresh chunks of mango and serve with fresh mint. Put in the fridge to cool and set.

Strawberry – blend 5 strawberries into a muss consistence, adding a dash of stevia sweetener. Pour the muss over the pudding base and top with fresh strawberries. Put in the fridge to cool and set.

Coconut – Pour coconut Greek style yogurt over the pudding base, topping it with desiccated coconut and toasted pine nuts. Put in the fridge to cool and set.

These are just 3 options for toppings of flaxseed puddings so experiment, try different fruits, yogurts with granola, nuts and berries and enjoy!


To read more about flaxseed health benefits and nutritional facts follow this link:

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4 thoughts on “Flaxseed Pudding – nutritious alternative for your breakfast or dessert

  1. I’ve read your recipe yesterday and I just had to try it today and they turned out delicious – my flatmates loved them as well so a thumbs up! 🙂

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