How to make your dreams come true? Wouldn’t it be just nice to have a recipe for that?

img_3892Before you put away Christmas decorations… write a letter to your future-self and put it in the box with the burbles, lights and tinsel… the results of doing this might surprise you…






New year, new plans, new goals… new resolutions, ‘to do’ lists that often get abandoned by mid-February… Have you been there before?

img_3888I am quite sceptical myself but I haven’t really tried it. I’m a strong believer that you have to work hard to achieve what you want in life. However, despite working hard and creating the conditions for your dreams and goals, it is not always down to how hard you try to get the most important things in life such as love, family and health. But here is the thing… so hear me out… What I know that works for me and it has been working for people that I’ve shared it with, is this simple thing: write a letter to your future-self with a… whish list! Hey – you don’t ask, you don’t get – right?

And this is the time of the year to try it! How does it work: write a letter to your future-self briefly describing how was the past year for you. Write down your hopes, dreams, wishes and goals for 2017 but be specific and realistic. In your wish list you can ask for things that are realistic and achievable. Asking to go for a space trip to Mars won’t actually work unless you have a space rocket in your backyard and resources to do so 😉

Also asking to pass an exam, get a promotion or losing weight won’t work unless you are actually working  hard towards it. Focus of things that are down to fate, luck, good fortune – however you call it. Now date your letter and put it away in the box where you keep your Christmas decorations – this way you will forget about it and keep it safe. Before Christmas 2017 you will find your letter and you will be positively surprised.

You can also make a wish for someone else. I did ask for a really big and life-changing thing for a friend and it did come true. I’ve been writing a letter to my future-self for past 5 years now and it always worked without a fail. Sure, life sometimes throws you lemons but it’s up to you what you will do with them. So get a pen and paper and good luck!img_3893

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  1. oh shame I’ve missed that – might do this now and hide it somewhere … hoping I will find it later 😉

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