7 ideas for old glass bottles home decor

On a holiday visit in my home town a few weeks ago, I’ve re-discovered my long lost and forgotten passion for… old glass bottles. As a teenager I used to collect 18th, 19th and early 20th century bottles from lemonade, beer, wine and even medicine. Mesmerised by their colours and how they reflected light: from deep bottle green, to dark ultramarine, pale blue – nearly clear, amber, hazelnut… I would have a little display on my window sill and colourful glass would bring bright reflections into the room. I would have them on my shelves as bracelet and jewellery holders and on the coffee table as rustic candle holders where I would drip the wax all over the bottles to make them look even older. Old glass bottles came in all shapes and sizes, some with imprinted decorative designs, dates and labels, others still with their wire flip-tops attached and working.



I liked them so much that I even drew them as a teenager and have this picture now hanging in my living room.

Old glass bottles are quirky and can be adapted to many styles of interiors, particularly good for eclectic style, farmhouse, vintage, coastal or country.

So here are few ideas how to decorate your house with old glass bottles.

1. Sideboard, shelf, mantel display

2. Candleholders

Keep bottles grouped together for a better impact and use a metal tray to avoid wax stains on your furniture.



3. Table flower display

Simple yet effective idea for a lush centre piece on any table.

4. Upcycled into lights shades

Upcycling old bottles into glass shades is less straightforward as you will need to wear gloves to protect your hands and use an adjustable bottle cutter and sand the sharp edges of the glass with sanding paper. You can buy a bottle cutter for around £13 on ebay.

5. Windchime

Here you will need some driftwood or a tree branch / stick, wires, old keys and jewellery for decoration.

6. Picture frame

Simply place your favourite pictures in the bottle with some sand, shells or whatever you fancy for decoration.

7. Wall flower holders


To attached the bottles to a wall, fence or furniture use flexing metal pipe clamps to secure bottle necks tightly.


Where can you find old glass bottles?

  • Flee markets
  • Car boot sales
  • Charity shops
  • Vintage furniture and deco shops
  • Ebay
  • Ask family, friends or perhaps an elderly neighbour who would like to clear their cellar, attic or shed.
  • Try also facebook groups and the Nextdoor neighbourhood network website for free items and bargains

5 thoughts on “7 ideas for old glass bottles home decor

  1. Snap! I used to collect old glass bottles years ago! Love all the ideas that you’ve gathered! What a lovely photographs.

  2. What a great list – I keep interesting shaped bottles to turn into potions and poisons for Halloween, but you’ve got me seeing them in a whole new way! Sue ~ @SuzyHomemakerUK

    1. I can’t wait for Halloween! I’m definitely going to play with little styling of the old bottles for this occasion – as you said  That’s my fav season to celebrate !

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