Plants Terrarium & Mini Garden in Old Crockery

It was one of those rainy, grey and cold Sundays when you just had enough of English winter…

Despite the weather I was determined to go for a walk so on went the wellies, the rain jacket and off I went… in search of Spring. You can guess that I haven’t found it (not exactly…) but despite being cold and getting drenched I came home pretty happy as I got ingredients for creating my own piece of spring and here is the recipe…

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You will need a larger glass vase, fish bowl, dome or an old china dish such as terrine or even a tea cup – the size of your container will determine if you are making a terrarium (small garden in a glass) or a mini garden in an old china.

Think about which plants will suit you best. If you tend to forget about watering your plants, then succulents or cactus type plants will be best for you. If you wish to attend more to your plant and you are a dreamy type wanting to go for a mini forest with a fantasy vibe then you might like ferns, ivy, moss, mini orchids or rainforest like plants that love moisture.

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Various Terrariums
Particularly the moisture loving plants are fantastic for growing in a closed dome or under a cloche. I remember reading about a guy who planted a seed in a large closed glass bottle in 1960 and 40 where the plant thrived inside filling up the whole 10 gallon container purely using recycled air and water inside and creating its own ecosystem while being watered only once in 40 years. This only shows how fantastic the plants are. This story also brings to mind a similar story where a friend of mine posted on Facebook a picture of a glass bottle which she found in a forest: the bottle was filled with thriving plants that were growing inside.


Other than choosing moisture loving vs drought-resistant plants there are no set rules in making your own terrarium/ miniature garden.

Use some gravel on the bottom of the container for a drainage. When creating your plant composition usually the soil from the pot that plant comes with is sufficient. Use some gravel or stones around your plants to enhance the look. Bark or small bits of roots/ driftwood will also look great.

If you choose to have a hanging glass bowl terrarium, the air plants will look interesting as they don’t need soil or gravel. You can also set them on a piece of driftwood, rock, shell or an old wooden root or small log.

Driftwood DIY
Driftwood DIY
Air Plant Terrarium Design
air plant
It was on my travels through Brasil few years ago when I first time noticed air plants – they were everywhere, just casually growing on phone posts and electric cables.

Change things around and see what works for you. Have fun! Making your own terrarium / mini garden is really relaxing and a nice thing to do for / with friends and family.




Here are few ideas for planting  in old china dishes.


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2 thoughts on “Plants Terrarium & Mini Garden in Old Crockery

  1. loving all the ideas! what an inspiration to make something so inventive by just using some jars or even the old crockery like on your pictures. I have no garden but I certainly want to create one in a glass now.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. Hearing that someone tries my recipes or gets inspired by the ideas on my page makes me happy. And yes, go for it and enjoy you mini garden in a glass 🙂

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