Savoury Egg Muffins

Healthy and delicious – those savoury egg muffins are a perfect alternative for breakfast, brunch or lunch. Easy to make and tasty, perfect for a hot brunch at home or eaten cold as a packed lunch or picnic – these are one of my favourites recipes this spring.


Eggs (1 egg per muffin)

Grated Cheddar Cheese (1 tb spoon per muffin)

Wholegrain (1 slice per muffin or none for the protein only version)

Cherry tomatoes


Spring onion / chives


Basil / rocket / spinach


  1. Cut off the crust from the slices of bread and roll them flat with the rolling pin.
  2. Line the muffin tin with the parchment paper, stuffing the bread on top so it creates a cup like shape.
  3. Stuff each muffin bread form with vegetables & herbs of your choosing (cherry tomatoes, peppers, spring onion/chives, mushrooms, rocket/spinach/basil)
  4. In a mixing jug whisk the eggs (1 egg per muffin) seasoned with salt & pepper and pour the mixture into each muffin and top with grated cheese
  5. Bake in pre-heated oven at 180’C for approx. 20 min.
  6. Serve hot or cold topped with fresh basil or chives.


*For no carb / protein option bake the muffins without the bread base by just stuffing the greased muffin tin with veg & herbs and pouring the whisked eggs over and bake.



7 thoughts on “Savoury Egg Muffins

  1. They look beautiful! My other half will definitely appreciate the protein version after the gym workout. I’m gonna have to try this.

  2. I am pleased to say that these are every bit as delicious as they look and a welcome treat for guests. Something delicious, healthy and filling before indulging your sweet tooth

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Gill. There will be more recipes coming up and most of them will be prefect to incorporate into your menu especially if you are dieting or just want to eat healthy but have all the deliciousness of flavours and textures. I’m actually thinking to make like a set list of all those easy and fast meals that are yummy but which won’t make you feel guilty so stay tuned! 😉

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