I would love to say that it’s been a busy few weeks, where I’ve started new house renovation project, as well as I’ve been finishing some small furniture upcycling/ DIY projects and I’ve been super excited about new interior design ideas, I’ve tested and worked on some new delicious recipes as well as I’ve started working on the new Planning & Organising articles. I’ve collaborated with another Green Fingered Mum and we will get that Garden section of the blog ready soon, not to mention all the ideas brewing for the Travel section where we will start our travels from one of my favourite destinations – Brazil…

But… sometimes things get on the way and you might have noticed that last few weeks were actually a little bit quiet on the blog. It’s just been a few very slow weeks for me where I haven’t been well but lovely friends and hubby were spoiling me so it’s all good. I can’t wait to be 100% me again and just get back to my routine, fully enjoy more time with family and friends not to mention all the unfinished DIY projects that are waiting for me… It’s ok to take some time off, slow down and rejuvenate. People often tend to put too much pressure on themselves, working so hard, trying to be that perfect mum or partner, setting personal goals and juggling a lot in daily life. So my main focus will be on taking it easy, improving my health and spending some quality time with family over next few weeks.

I’ve got a little trip coming up soon so I promise plenty of material coming up with strong European influence 😉

It’s time to slow down and rejuvenate before the spring.

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