Valentines Rant

Oh Valentines is just around the corner… and that’s one of those days of the year that I have mixed feelings about. First word that springs to my mind is ‘COMMERCIAL’ followed by ‘cheesy’ and ‘tacky’ where apparently ‘you must’ celebrate your love on that particular day in the year (which obviously doesn’t do it for me at all). The overpriced and fully booked restaurants on that day make me cringe and apparently if you wrap some red paper around flowers you can triple their price (that’s according to the supermarkets). So no thank you, no expensive flowers for me (‘I will be happy with just some cheap Rose wine or gin instead’ – said Mrs Spoiled-for-getting-flowers-often-and-without-any-occasion…)

And the urban legend has it that Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest days in the year to pick up a girl in a bar or a pub…(so I’ve been told by the bachelors of London)

No, but seriously, don’t get me wrong – I’m not all that against Valentines, really… Any excuse to make an effort for the loved one is good but perhaps all the TV commercials in few days build up to Valentines already made my skin crawl trying to convince you that you have to buy that perfume, chocolates etc…

Still I will give in a little and (of course) bake that Valentines cake for hubby, perhaps even cover the dining room with red hearts – all DIY of course (read: Poundland here I come!), then leave the toddler with hubby and go out alone… to spend the evening at the yoga classes, come back and cuddle up on the sofa while catching up on recorded Walking Dead with a bottle of bubbly.

So yeah, it’s tomorrow. You still have time to get that card and chocolates (nudge, nudge)

Happy Valentines Everyone!

P.S. For those who wish to make your other half or a date special there will be (as always) a recipe to follow!


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