Mel’s Kitchen

Thank you for joining me and welcome to my kitchen: the heart of my chaotic home and the place that I turn to on a daily basis for nutritional therapy. A place where I belong. My name is Mel. I am a mother of five adorable children, a full time psychiatric nurse and prescriber, a

Steamer Trunk Coffee Table – upcycle project

Upcycling / repurposing is a great way of creating one-off pieces on a budget and totally bespoke to your interiors, where you get to decide on colour, finishes and purpose of use. A few reasons why you might consider this DIY project: It looks great! Eclectic, an original and quirky piece with a story behind

7 ideas for old glass bottles home decor

On a holiday visit in my home town a few weeks ago, I’ve re-discovered my long lost and forgotten passion for… old glass bottles. As a teenager I used to collect 18th, 19th and early 20th century bottles from lemonade, beer, wine and even medicine. Mesmerised by their colours and how they reflected light: from